Snowdon – Via the Pyg Track and Llanberis Path

Our favourite route to the top of Snowdonia
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Snowdon – Via the Pyg Track and Llanberis Path


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Climb to the top of Snowdon via our favourite route: The Pyg Track.

We ascend via the Pyg Track to the majestic summit of Snowdon which stands proud at 1085 meters.The pyramidal lines make Snowdon look like a mountain that a child would draw.  From above the mountain is said to look like a starfish, having five ridges and five cwms.  However, on closer inspection you will see that there is a lot more going on here; the mountain has been shaped by its glacial past, making it very complex.


It is unclear why the path is called the Pyg Track. The Snowdonia National Park website suggests that it was named after a pass on the track called Bwlch y Moch, which translates as the ‘Pig’s Pass’.  Another theory is because it was used to carry ‘pyg’ (black tar) to the copper mines.


Whatever its nomenclature, the Pyg Track is one of our favourite paths to reach the summit.  We will ascend about 785m (having started at over 300m), skirting the slopes of Crib Goch and passing above Llyn Llydaw and Glaslyn. The path, whilst the shortest to the top, is steep and rocky in places.


After reaching the summit and celebrating our achievement we will then descend 985 meters via the Llanberis Path.  While it’s a relatively easy route, it’s hard work after having climbed to the top of Snowdon; however, there are impressive views down to Llanberis.


  • Departure
    Pen y Pass Car Park
  • Departure Time
    Departure time Please arrive at 8.30 for a briefing and prompt departure at 09.00
  • Dress Code
    See our kit list

1: Meet

We will meet at the Pen y Pass Car Park (see location) at the start time.  We normally leave 30 minutes later.  This gives a window of arrival so you don’t miss the hike. The Car Park is very popular and in summer can be full at 7am in the morning.  It is therefore really important, that you plan how you will get to the start point.  There is a charge at the Car Park for parking. We will send you details about how to get to the Car Park using the shuttle or other options when we confirm your hike.  You can find some more information by clicking here. Note this walk is not circular and if you park at the Pen y Pass Car Park you will need to work out how to get back to the car! You will have the chance at this stage to meet your guide for the day and fellow hikers.

2: Briefing

Just before we leave, you will be given a briefing about the planned route, weather conditions and health and safety.

3: Morning

Will start our ascent at a leisurely pace and we will walk as a group.  It is really important at this stage not to go too fast and tire yourself out.  It is also important to stay together, as there will be other people doing the same walk and you wonder off you my get lost.  If you need to stop at any point (even for a call of nature) then let us know. We will to reach the summit of Snowdon for lunch and depending on the weather, spend about 30 minutes or so at the top. This will allow ample time to have photos and visit the café and of course celebrate your achievement. We will also have the opportunity to have a group photo.

4: Afternoon

We will slowly make our way back down the mountain, stopping when required to take in the view, refuel or rehydrate.   Even though the summit is behind you there is still challenge ahead.  Believe it or not a lot of people find coming down the mountain more difficult than going up! We will stop for a group photo at the end of the day.  Eventually we will end up in Llanberis where we will stop at a café or pub.

5: Debrief

At our café/pub stop the leader will share his thoughts with you about the day, before wishing you a safe journey home.

Tour Location

Pen y Pass Car Park

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