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Mountain Fit Weekend – Base Conditioning

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Mountain Fit Weekend – Base Conditioning


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Whatever your sport, everyone needs to have a certain level of base conditioning. On top of that you then build event specific training for your particular sport. This weekend focuses on the general conditioning that readies you for event specific training.

Whatever your sport, everyone needs to have a certain level of base conditioning.  On top of that you then build event specific training for your particular sport.   This weekend focuses on the general conditioning that readies you for event specific training.
Most people undertake their base conditioning training in the gym and then follow up with their event specific training outdoors by doing things like playing football, cycling, running or something more unusual like motocross. But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to do all the base conditioning inside?  Why can’t we do that outside with minimal equipment?  Here is your chance to do so and not only outdoors, but in the spectacular mountains of Snowdonia.

You will learn things over the weekend which you can deploy in your own home or do in your local environment, whether that be in your local park, your gym (if you must) or even in your garden.  Some of the following activities are covered over the weekend: Functional Movement Screening, Dynamic Stretching, Rock Stacking, Scrambling, Yoga Inspired Session, Headtorch 5km Run (optional), Power Session and Mobility Session.
We also hope that you will be inspired by the mountains of Snowdonia and learn something about being in the outdoors.  Not only will you have a fitness instructor this weekend but also a qualified Mountain Leader.   He will be taking us to inspiring areas to undertake our base conditioning  and will be covering basic navigation and map reading.  In addition he will  tell you about the natural environment in which you find yourself.

The weekend will take place in Capel Curig, the centre of Mountaineering in Wales.  There are accommodation options for all budgets and a number of eateries.
While aspects of the weekend may push you, the weekend will also be fun, adventurous and sociable.

18+ Age
  • Departure
    Capel Curig Community Centre
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Friday 27th (optional)

On Friday night, if you are around we will be a local bar where you can drop in and say hello and meet some other people who will be attending over the weekend.

Saturday 28th

Introduction: We will meet at the Capel Curig Community Centre where there will be a full briefing of what will happen over the weekend.  Here are some highlights of Saturday: Movement screening: We will start with a comprehensive screening of your movement, we will be assessing the quality of movement as well as highlight areas of weakness and restriction. We will also recommend correction strategies to improve the balance of your body’s movement systems.   Dynamic stretching: In order to ensure the body is properly prepared for the weekend ahead, we will move each joint through a full range of motion and fire up the nervous system ready for the challenges that the outdoors can offer. This is crucial to injury prevention and performance.   Rock Stacking: This a great way to use the outdoor environment and utilise every system to coordinate movement in a much more holistic way. While also having an enjoyable workout with some light competition.   Scramble: We will scramble from a glacier carved lake (Llyn y Foel). You will be able to see the forces of nature that have created the environment around you.  You will see how the seat of the glacier has dug into the mountain side creating steep headwalls and sidewalls.  You will scramble the exciting and airy Daiar Dhu Ridge.  This will offer you a low level introduction to scrambling.  The scrambling can be made very easy for those that might find this off putting. On the other hand other members of the group will still be able to challenge themselves. We won't go to the top of the mountain as we still have more to do! Stretch and cool-down: After a long day in the mountains it’s important to minimise fatigue and cool down at the end of the day. We will stretch and mobilise the muscles to prepare you for your evening and to minimise the muscle soreness associated with hard training. Optional extras: There will also be a sports massage therapist and kinesiology taping expert on site for optional therapy (additional charges apply) to help with recovery for the Sunday, should you need it. There is also be an optional 5k head-torch run for those that want to.  

Sunday 29th

Mobility session and crawling: It’s important to keep each joint moving fluidly and in balance, here we will get you back on the ground (quite literally) and take you through some movement reminiscent to how you will have learned to move as an infant. Power session: During the power session, we will be turning up the intensity and switching on those fast twitch muscle fibres, as well as teaching you why this is important for your base conditioning.   Mountain environment: You will learn more about the mountain environment including access and navigation.   End of course review: By the end of the weekend you will have worked every muscle fibre, movement pattern and energy system in the body. We will have explained the advantages and reasons for every training modality and how you can take what you’ve learned to all aspects of your life and training. All this as well as taking part in a memorable weekend that will get you out in the great outdoors and learning how you can use the environment with minimal equipment.

Tour Location

Capel Curig Community Centre

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