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Snowdon View

Read about Snowdon before the railway

There has been so much written about Snowdon over the years, but we love the write up from  Baddeley and Ward’s North Wales Thorough Guides 1889 edition which states:

“Snowdon is not only the highest mountain in the southern part of Great Britain, but also the finest.  The group of peaks and ridges which constitute it has no rival…”.

We agree! Moreover Snowdon ascents are by far the most popular of hikes that we offer, not only because of Snowdon’s height, but because Snowdon is easily accessible and an achievable challenge for most.  The Guide continues:

“Snowdon has five distinct peaks:- Y Wyddfa, the central and highest one; Yr Aran and Lliwedd, to the south of Y Wyddfa; Crib-y-ddysgyl and Crib-goch to the north-east of it.  The best view-point for the whole group is Capel Curig…”.

Of course Capel Curig is our base (which you can rent out by clicking here), but we have to walk up the road to see the view of Snowdon.  We often head to the bar at Plas y Brenin, where we like to perch on a high stall, with a pint and see the sun set.

The Guide states that:

“The view from the summit is a most extensive one of both land and sea, but its finest features are the grand ridges and subsidiary peaks of Snowdon itself… At the summit is the so-called Snowdon Hotel – a rude collection of huts not ‘raised in nice proportion’ but providing, besides beds, simple fare at a charge which, considering the difficulties of transport, cannot be fairly called excessive.  ‘Bass’ and ‘Guinness’ are one shilling a pint bottle, and other things in proportion”. 

At this time the railway wasn’t in operation – that didn’t start taking passengers until 1896!  And of course we now have a lovely visitors’ centre, but we are pretty sure they don’t sell pints for a shilling!

The Guide finally states:

“Mountains are naturally the most abundant, if not the most attractive objects in the prospect from this monarch of them all, and premising that mountains (like men), to be appreciated, should be looked up to and not down upon, we must admit the comparative excellence of the view in this respect”.

Well at Hike Snowdonia we won’t comment on the premising of the authors, but we do agree on the views.  If you haven’t booked on one of our hikes up Snowdon then, follow the link to these pages to find out more:

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Snowdon – The Long way

Snowdon – Charity Climbs

Snowdon at Sunrise

Snowdon at Dusk

We look forward to sharing the views to and from Snowdon with you!

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